During the evening of the 16th August, when it became clear that the fire in the Castro Marim area was going to become a major incident, members of the East Algarve Walking Football/East Algarve Football Club committee started to coordinate a response on behalf of its members.

Liaison was made with Karen Howard-Goldsmith and Debby Burton from Associacao Alerta de Incendio and a list of what was needed and to where it should be taken was obtained.

On the morning of Tuesday 17th with the fire still burning and the incident ongoing, contact was made with Tavira Bombeiros direct to ensure we would be supplying what was needed.

Because of everyone’s rush to help the Bombeiros from the community, what was needed was not readily available in the local shops; Nuno from Coviran in Santa Luzia agreed to purchase what was needed direct from the wholesaler and supply the transport to deliver it.

Over 500€ of water, drinks, food and fruit was delivered to the Bombeiros and at the same time a further donation of water and food was delivered by George Allen after taking a small collection from those playing walking football that morning.

Further donations will be made by East Algarve football clubs  following continued discussions with the Association.

We will also be picking up and transporting supplies from pick up points to Tavira Bombeiros.

As always, a huge thanks to members  for their donations and of course a huge thanks of gratitude to the Bombeiros who are risking their lives daily.